Top 5 Bonsai Tree Species That Beginners Should Buy

If you are interested in purchasing bonsai, then there are lots of choices available for you. You will be overwhelmed with the information you will need to start growing a bonsai tree. You will need to select the type of plant, know the amount of water need, the type of soil where to grow, etc. If you are a beginner and it is the first time you are buying a bonsai then here are the five easy-to-grow species you should choose from.


This species can be formed into any shape. You can get Chinensis as it is widely available and is very easy to form. You will also love it looks.


Maple is a very popular form of Bonsai, mainly due to its wonderful appearance. This tree is easily trainable. You can easily cut the branches or trim the leaves.


They can grow to great heights. The two sub-species Coast Redwood and Dawn Redwood have flat-needled foliage. This gives them beautiful shapes. Buddhist Pine

Azalea (Rhododendron)

These are popular for their bright, lovely flowers. They have a very delicate system of roots. So, you must keep them moist all the time by watering frequently.

Bald Cypress

It has needle-like foliage, and it can change colors during autumn. They need lots of water to grow. You will need to finger prune it; that is, no need of using scissors or other tools.

Most of these bonsai species can be obtained very quickly from a good bonsai dealer. You should do some research before buying one to make sure that you buy something to match your lifestyle.