3 Things You Should Avoid When Growing Your Bonsai Tree


Growing bonsai tree as a gift can be thrilling according to Bella Shaw. But you need to take care of it to grow it into a healthy plant. Here are three things you should avoid when growing your bonsai tree.

Lack of water

One of the main reasons why bonsai trees die is due to lack of water. These trees are kept in shallow containers that can drain water continuously. They should regularly be watered; else they will die. You need a container with a fine water nozzle to water a bonsai tree. If the spray is strong, it will wash away the soil in the pot. So, the roots will be exposed. You must water the plant gently. Insects don’t like water. So, by watering properly, you can keep these insects away. You need to water the bonsai plants every day. In hot summer days, you should water it once every morning and once every evening.

Living in the wrong environment

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You shouldn’t treat bonsai trees like house plants. You must treat them as trees. You should first find out about the natural environment of the bonsai tree. Some trees grow better on the patio than in the house. The area they are placed in should be similar to the natural environment of the tree. You shouldn’t keep bonsai trees outside throughout the year even if they naturally grow outside. As temperature changes, you should bring them inside. We use ALL Hours Heating and Air for our climate control needs.

The wrong kind of soil

You cannot grow bonsai trees in the normal potting soil. The plants need constant drainage. If you place them in the normal potting soil, the water won’t drain. Therefore, the roots will start to rot. The bonsai soil must be loose. If you place the tree in the wrong soil, the tree will die.

The type of pot and the types of tools you use for pruning and trimming also affects the growth of the tree. So, you should be careful about these things as well when growing your bonsai tree.